Anatomical Position , External Features of Man , Body cavity

Anatomical Position

The position created by standing straight ahead and keeping both hands straight and palms open is called the anatomical position of the human being.

In this condition, the human body is divided into the imaginary levels which are-

1. Sagittal Plane or Median Plane: The longitudinal plane with the help of which the body can be divided into right and left equal parts along the median axis is called sagittal plane or median plane.

2. Coronal plane or frontal pnela (Coronal Plane or Frontal Plane): The longitudinal plane that intersects the medial plane at right angles and divides the body into the base and surface is called coronal plane or frontal plane.

3. Horizontal plane or horizontal plane (Horizontal plane): The transverse plane that extends through the navel of the human body and divides the body into upper and lower parts is called horizontal plane or horizontal plane.

External Features of Man

The human body consists of three main parts, namely, Head, Neck and Trunk. The body is divided into ventral surface and dorsal surface. The hairy part of the head is the skull and the hairless part of the head is the face. The face has nostrils, nostrils and two eyes. The mouth is surrounded by upper and lower lips. Each eye is covered with two eyelids. Each eyelid has a row of eye lashes. Two ears are present on either side of the head, consisting of a pina and an auricle.

Griva is present at the junction of head and body. Chest and abdomen are present. The upper part of the surface is called the spine, in the middle is the spine. The lower side is the hip. There is an anus between the buttocks. Beneath the abdomen are the testicles or gonads. The thorax contains a pair of mammary glands, which are well developed in females. limbs) and two hind limbs (hind imbs) at the bottom

Two forearms (fore) are present on the upper side of the body. The forearm consists of the arm, forearm and hand. The hand has five clawed fingers. They are called the thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger respectively. Each hind limb consists of the thigh, shin and foot. The foot has five claws. There are fingers.

Body cavity

The human body cavity is mainly divided into three parts, namely, chest cavity, abdominal cavity and vestibule. Heart in thoracic cavity

It is located in the lungs. Abdominal cavity contains liver, stomach, intestines, spleen etc. Abdominal cavity contains bladder, rectum, uterus in female, ovaries etc. Apart from the above main cavities, other cavities are found in the human body, such as—corona cavity, spinal cavity, pleural cavity, pericardial cavity etc.

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