According to the CEO of the SVC Chamber of Commerce, Indian talent fosters innovation in US IT.

According to Bhatia, the tech sector is able to prosper in the US because it can use the three-to-one model, in which one person in America costs three people in India.Let’s be honest about it, I think.

According to the CEO of the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce, Indians are among the biggest innovators in Silicon Valley, and the tech sector in America cannot thrive without them.

In an interview, Harbir K. Bhatia told PTI, “I don’t have the new figures, but what matters is that we (Indians) are such impactful contributors.”

One of the biggest innovators in Silicon Valley is an Indian. At one point, 40% of Silicon Valley CEOs and founders were from South Asia or India, according to data that was gathered. That is enormous,” she said.

The Chamber of Commerce, which is based in Santa Clara, the center of Silicon Valley, is made up of a number of forward-thinking corporate executives from various locations who contribute to the development and shaping of the region.

“This place allows you to fully express yourself at work and pursue your creative goals without having to worry about your skin tone, color, religion, cast, culture, or anything else,” the woman stated.

According to Bhatia, Indians are in charge of all the big companies, including Microsoft, Google, YouTube, Google Foundation, and Google. They hold the positions of CEO or CXO (Chief Experience Officer). That isn’t accidental,” she remarked.

According to Bhatia, Indians bring to the workplace some of the greatest traits, such as diligence and efficiency. “I can assure you that your parents will always tell you if you receive a 98 percent in school, but why didn’t you receive a 100 percent?” It is our way of life. That’s our identity. That desire and aspiration are what set us apart (from others), yet it’s never enough, Bhatia said.

“This is something that is part and parcel of who we are as one of the largest populations on the planet, not that other ethnicities don’t believe this way,” she said.

She commended the Indian practice of “jugaad,” which is a flexible and economical approach to problem-solving, saying, “If there’s a problem, put a desi on it, and you’ll find a solution.”

In response to a question concerning Silicon Valley’s connection with India, she stated that India has been crucial to its growth.

“Well, a lot of relationships exist. Let’s start with the fundamentals. The fundamentals are that most outsourcing is still carried out in India. Because they can use the three-to-one model—one person in America costs three people in India—the tech sector is able to flourish in the United States, according to Bhatia.

“Let’s be honest about that. Who is in charge of everything? Who keeps the lights on all the time? Every digital firm depends in some manner on its workforce and community, which are its lifeblood. Without us, they cannot exist,” she remarked.

She stated that America attracts some of the most brilliant brains from India.

They know us so well that they feel compelled to impose a cap, which is why they continually attempting to limit the number of visas. If not, we could take on every job,” she declared.

Indians can succeed in every field, she remarked, including technology, agriculture, and medicine.
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