First day box office receipts for Shaitaan R Madhavan and Ajay Devgn’s film mints ₹14.5 crore

The Vikas Bahl film Shaitaan, starring R Madhavan, Jyotika, and Ajay Devgn, was released in cinemas. Despite having never directed a spooky thriller before, director Vikas Bahl accepted the assignment.

Ajay Devgn, Jyotika, and R Madhavan starred in the key roles in Vikas Bahl’s “Shaitaan,” which opened in theaters on Friday and did well on its first day of release.

Shaitaan made almost 14.50 crore nett in India on its first day of release for all languages, according to the report. On Friday, the movie’s Hindi occupancy rate was 25.70% nationwide.
In response to the movie, X, a user on the internet stated, “A gripping thriller with exceptional performances by Ajay Devgn and R Madhavan.” The movie pulls you along with it. Watch the movie now to avoid missing this gem of horror filmmaking.”
“I just watched in a crowded hall here in Sweden, complete with many of Swedish people! Marufa Niger, a user, stated, “What a wonderful movie, wah, I actually don’t know how to express my feelings. How wonderfully each & everyone acted. What a brilliant movie, love love & only love.”

According to ANI, Vikas explained how he made the decision to direct the picture by saying, “As a viewer, I know very little about the supernatural thriller or horror genre because I don’t really watch those kinds of movies.” However, as soon as I heard the Shaitaan narrative, I fell in love with it and thought it was something that had to be shared. It was really difficult for me to convey a tale in a genre I’m not familiar with at the same time. I decided to accept this challenge and see where it would go. And I have to admit, developing Shaitaan has been a terrific experience.”

Along with Prabhu Antony and Madhu Alexander, Nambiar, who has previously directed movies like “Shaitan,” “David,” and “Taish,” is also producing the picture.

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